I AM YOUR SUPERWOMAN! Uhmm… whatever your name is.


I am convinced that God’s exchange for “Mommy Brain” (That weird hormone that is release during pregnancy), is that we now have unexplained super powers. Go ahead and laugh… Let me explain what I mean.

I didn’t understand this when I was a kid, but the signs were there with my mom and probably yours too. I can remember being in my bedroom. The door is closed. I’m standing in my closet whispering in a sleeve, “She gets on my nerves!” And an immediate response from the kitchen, “What did you say? Who gets on your nerves?” How in the “ham” did she hear that? It’s a Super Power… I’m convinced.

Now, with my own kids, my insight is a lot better; though my eye sight has weaken slightly after giving birth. (Did anyone else experience that?) But, I can see a crumb 50 ft away or a small object or anything that my son may want to put in his mouth within moments after entering a room.

I can distinguish the footsteps of each family member walking without looking up. I can hear the slightest sounds of discomfort or someone waking up from a nap. Yet, I can totally tune out the sounds of playing, running, banter and a blaring loud television. But if I hear that “certain cry” I will stop, leap or maybe even fly over to comfort my child in a matter of seconds.

I have kisses that console and heal any hurt, arms that warm and welcome and wise words that calm fears and cause smiles. That somehow God has given me divine wisdom for that child.

He’s given eyes for detail that takes mental snap shots of each room, even down to its smell. If one thing is off, even in a messy room; we know it. Is it an instinct? No. It’s the gift in the hormone… I’m telling you… It’s a Super Power!

We can stay up all night with a cranky child. Put it down in the bedroom. Cuz let’s face it, hubby has needs too. Pick up all through the house. Drive uptown, downtown and around town and still find time to throw down in the kitchen! Can I get a witness?

We clean up bodies, booties and bathrooms. We show up for children’s plays, conferences, and couple’s date nights.

We make our little people feel like Picasso with their art work and John Legend at their concerts.

We encourage the extraordinary. To be leaders who are legendary.

So if any time during the day, I have to go through my mental rolodex to recall your name, you better not say a word! I know who you are and you better recognize that I AM YOUR SUPERWOMAN uhmm… whatever your name is.

(Can I get a virtual high five or amen from any other Super Women out there?)



Due to the graphic nature of this post, you will likely use the word, “Eww” before you reach the last line.

My sweet face, dimple cheek laced, cutie pie baby boy is 16 months old. He knows exactly how to smile to win my heart.  But, my little guy has got a problem.  A BIG PROBLEM. He likes to bob for toilet water!!

I realized that we had a rather serious problem one day, when I put a piece of dental floss in the toilet. I simply ignored the voice of conscience saying, you better flush that. I dismissed the thought because, it’s only dental floss. (I think you know where this is going.) A few minutes later he strolls passed me with a coy grin and dental floss cascading from his little lips.

I mentally perused the house for where he could have possibly gotten dental floss.  I checked the toilet and you guessed it ~ EWW!!! Son, that’s nasty! Stay out of the toilet!

He was doing ok with it for a while, until Monday. You know how it is when it’s too quiet in the house?  I knew that my older son was in his room. So, I called my little guy. He came running out of the bathroom. He stood front and center; licking his hands, his dripping, wet sleeves were extended, awaiting an embrace and a kiss. But, instead was returned with, Son, stay out of that toilet!!! No, No touch! I bellowed. Keep your hands out of the toilet! He was looking up at me as if to say, “What is wrong with her?” She must be in a mood again. Then he and his pee pee hands went off to play.

Things are so simple in his world but he is grossing out mine!  I have to ask, does anyone how I can get my little guy to stop Bobbing for Toilet Water? (BTW, He knows how to open the bathroom door and how to lift up the toilet lid).



On Saturday, our four year old was in his first children’s program at our church.  His part was to recite a scripture that had 9 words… but to me, My baby did his first sermon!  Praise you Jesus!

This was a long day for the kids. After we got a bite to eat, both the boys were knocked out on the way home.  My baby boy woke up and ran around the house a bit before he passed out.  The four year old however, had to be carried from the car to his bed. My husband and I had to work as a team to get his jeans off, pj pants on and tuck him into bed. Thinking we were good for the night. ( we left his shirt on because it would be too hard to get it off. You know how that is when you don’t want to wake the kid up by doing too much.)

Some where around 0 dark 30 almost every morning, the four year old stealthily strolls into our bed undetected until he begins his sleeping calisthenics (anyone who has ever had a kid sleep with them knows what I’m talking about).  Right before getting a swift kick to my the lady parts, I woke up to see my son sleeping in a position that looked like he’s was about to do toe touches. I know we could all use some exercise around the house, but is the boy dreaming about it? I’m just say…

You are probably thinking that I’m making this up. That’s why, I had to turn the light on and get this picture 🙂 I have never seen him sleep like this. LOL He was literally leaning against my husband’s back side, sitting up. He never did get to the first toe stretch. I was waiting on him to start.

By the time I was ready to go back to sleep, he had stretched himself out; claiming all territory as his own.  I woke my husband up and asked him if he would put the boy back in his bed.

Afterward, the hubby went to the restroom and I was looking at the picture that I took of our son. My back was facing away from the door.  It was dark, only the light from my cell phone luminated the room. As I turned to get back into bed, there was an unrecognizable figure standing in the doorway!! O M G!

When it’s dark; you are sleepy and you don’t have your glasses on, any unexpected figure, can cause you to feel “some kinda way”! I wasn’t able to speak for a moment; probably because my heart was stuck in my throat and my brain couldn’t seem to process what was going on!

Eventually, my pint sized stealth stroller looked up at me with puppy dog eyes as if to say, can I get in? And of course, I motioned, ok. It was all I could do as my heart settled back into place and I slowly recovered oxygen again.

When my husband came out of the restroom, he shrugged his shoulders saying, “Seriously?! Then got back in bed.

The two of them echoed one another with a symphony of snores that eventually lulled all of us back to sleep, in our 3 in the bed made for 2.

4 Us Mama~ My 1st Blog!

I was advised by a friend (thank you Monica) to start blogging. Honestly, it was not something that I was thinking about doing, but after she said it, the thought made sense to me. Suddenly, my mind began to flood with life stuff that maybe other folks could relate to.

Though I call this blog, 4 Us Mama, its not just for mothers.  Truth be told, it takes more than just having a baby to be a mama or an influence to a child. It takes a village. We are the village full of old and young wisdom; we are the doctors that kiss and nurture boo boos; we’re chauffeurs; cooks and counselors and everything in between.

We have seemingly thankless jobs of which we never get a day off.  We’re paid with kid art, wet kisses, toothless grins and the sweet breath on the neck from a content child.

This is a place where we can laugh, and maybe even cry, get on your soapbox if you need to. Get it out! Let’s share tips and tricks… because not one of us knows it all. But all of us knows something.  I hope that this blog can encourage, motivate and give voice to someone who has wanted to speak up but maybe thought no one would listen. Well, we will, because this one is 4 Us Mama.  We are not here to judge or make anyone feel unimportant. That’s not why we are here. Sometimes, we can graciously agree to disagree. And KIM (keep it moving) I’m hoping that we can have a GREAT time together. I already have my 2nd blog topic just waiting to be written. It will likely make you laugh. It should be ready by tomorrow.

Well, thank you for reading MY FIRST BLOG!!! Whoo Hoo 🙂 Ok I’m back from my short celebration 🙂

I’m looking forward to sharing my life with you.  Hopefully, you will share your life with me too. After all, this is 4 Us Mama!