4 Us Mama~ My 1st Blog!

I was advised by a friend (thank you Monica) to start blogging. Honestly, it was not something that I was thinking about doing, but after she said it, the thought made sense to me. Suddenly, my mind began to flood with life stuff that maybe other folks could relate to.

Though I call this blog, 4 Us Mama, its not just for mothers.  Truth be told, it takes more than just having a baby to be a mama or an influence to a child. It takes a village. We are the village full of old and young wisdom; we are the doctors that kiss and nurture boo boos; we’re chauffeurs; cooks and counselors and everything in between.

We have seemingly thankless jobs of which we never get a day off.  We’re paid with kid art, wet kisses, toothless grins and the sweet breath on the neck from a content child.

This is a place where we can laugh, and maybe even cry, get on your soapbox if you need to. Get it out! Let’s share tips and tricks… because not one of us knows it all. But all of us knows something.  I hope that this blog can encourage, motivate and give voice to someone who has wanted to speak up but maybe thought no one would listen. Well, we will, because this one is 4 Us Mama.  We are not here to judge or make anyone feel unimportant. That’s not why we are here. Sometimes, we can graciously agree to disagree. And KIM (keep it moving) I’m hoping that we can have a GREAT time together. I already have my 2nd blog topic just waiting to be written. It will likely make you laugh. It should be ready by tomorrow.

Well, thank you for reading MY FIRST BLOG!!! Whoo Hoo 🙂 Ok I’m back from my short celebration 🙂

I’m looking forward to sharing my life with you.  Hopefully, you will share your life with me too. After all, this is 4 Us Mama!


10 thoughts on “4 Us Mama~ My 1st Blog!

  1. I’m so following this. I’ve always been a fan of you Angela! I’m sure this open door policy for thoughts, ideas, and maybe some whining with no judgement can help me with my “new mama” struggles. I’m also super interested in anyone who has some experience with multiples. These twins have got me all twisted sometimes.


  2. Hi Angela, I love your first blog! Very interesting! Parents are the first teachers and since children didn’t come with instruction booklets we seasoned and lightly seasoned parents can enlighten each other! I am looking forward to your future blogs! Until next time… Happy parenting!


  3. Congrats on your first blog. I am sure this is just the beginning of something great. Thanks for using your gifts/talents, influences, and experiences to be a blessing to others.

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