On Saturday, our four year old was in his first children’s program at our church.  His part was to recite a scripture that had 9 words… but to me, My baby did his first sermon!  Praise you Jesus!

This was a long day for the kids. After we got a bite to eat, both the boys were knocked out on the way home.  My baby boy woke up and ran around the house a bit before he passed out.  The four year old however, had to be carried from the car to his bed. My husband and I had to work as a team to get his jeans off, pj pants on and tuck him into bed. Thinking we were good for the night. ( we left his shirt on because it would be too hard to get it off. You know how that is when you don’t want to wake the kid up by doing too much.)

Some where around 0 dark 30 almost every morning, the four year old stealthily strolls into our bed undetected until he begins his sleeping calisthenics (anyone who has ever had a kid sleep with them knows what I’m talking about).  Right before getting a swift kick to my the lady parts, I woke up to see my son sleeping in a position that looked like he’s was about to do toe touches. I know we could all use some exercise around the house, but is the boy dreaming about it? I’m just say…

You are probably thinking that I’m making this up. That’s why, I had to turn the light on and get this picture 🙂 I have never seen him sleep like this. LOL He was literally leaning against my husband’s back side, sitting up. He never did get to the first toe stretch. I was waiting on him to start.

By the time I was ready to go back to sleep, he had stretched himself out; claiming all territory as his own.  I woke my husband up and asked him if he would put the boy back in his bed.

Afterward, the hubby went to the restroom and I was looking at the picture that I took of our son. My back was facing away from the door.  It was dark, only the light from my cell phone luminated the room. As I turned to get back into bed, there was an unrecognizable figure standing in the doorway!! O M G!

When it’s dark; you are sleepy and you don’t have your glasses on, any unexpected figure, can cause you to feel “some kinda way”! I wasn’t able to speak for a moment; probably because my heart was stuck in my throat and my brain couldn’t seem to process what was going on!

Eventually, my pint sized stealth stroller looked up at me with puppy dog eyes as if to say, can I get in? And of course, I motioned, ok. It was all I could do as my heart settled back into place and I slowly recovered oxygen again.

When my husband came out of the restroom, he shrugged his shoulders saying, “Seriously?! Then got back in bed.

The two of them echoed one another with a symphony of snores that eventually lulled all of us back to sleep, in our 3 in the bed made for 2.


2 thoughts on “3 IN A BED MADE FOR 2

  1. aunties get it too haha I remember having my nieces and nephews over and wondering how did their leg, arm butt get there haha you gotta love them though <3<3:-<3


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