Due to the graphic nature of this post, you will likely use the word, “Eww” before you reach the last line.

My sweet face, dimple cheek laced, cutie pie baby boy is 16 months old. He knows exactly how to smile to win my heart.  But, my little guy has got a problem.  A BIG PROBLEM. He likes to bob for toilet water!!

I realized that we had a rather serious problem one day, when I put a piece of dental floss in the toilet. I simply ignored the voice of conscience saying, you better flush that. I dismissed the thought because, it’s only dental floss. (I think you know where this is going.) A few minutes later he strolls passed me with a coy grin and dental floss cascading from his little lips.

I mentally perused the house for where he could have possibly gotten dental floss.  I checked the toilet and you guessed it ~ EWW!!! Son, that’s nasty! Stay out of the toilet!

He was doing ok with it for a while, until Monday. You know how it is when it’s too quiet in the house?  I knew that my older son was in his room. So, I called my little guy. He came running out of the bathroom. He stood front and center; licking his hands, his dripping, wet sleeves were extended, awaiting an embrace and a kiss. But, instead was returned with, Son, stay out of that toilet!!! No, No touch! I bellowed. Keep your hands out of the toilet! He was looking up at me as if to say, “What is wrong with her?” She must be in a mood again. Then he and his pee pee hands went off to play.

Things are so simple in his world but he is grossing out mine!  I have to ask, does anyone how I can get my little guy to stop Bobbing for Toilet Water? (BTW, He knows how to open the bathroom door and how to lift up the toilet lid).



  1. OMG! You were rightt too. The visual image of that dental floss lit up my mommy horror button. Ewwwwww! Reminded me of the time I turned around to see my then 2-year old son eating Fruit Loops out of the trash can like he was at a buffet. I was mortified! Still remember it like it was yesterday. Ewwwww! All I can say is you need to invest in a toilet seat lock STAT.

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  2. Yes, you can purchase a toilette seat lock. They really work!! It took me a long time to figure it out. Even though son is older, he stills gross me out!


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