Hello Everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I  hope that you had a wonderful week!

This is the end of my 2nd week of blogging. I want to thank everyone who accepted the invitation to be a friend of the blog. Your support really means a lot to me.  And for those who did not accept as of yet, but you wanted to. Check your email, there may be an invitation from me or send me your email address and I will gladly send you an invitation. On the other hand, you didn’t return the invitation because you didn’t want to open your email and see 25 post from me. “Too much to soon“! I feel ya and understand. I don’t like that either.  I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to virtually break up with me because of blog overload :o)

The format will likely be 3 post per week.  The first one, on or around Monday, may be about something personal, probably my family. Lord knows they give me enough material. Wednesday, I thought would be called, Awareness Wednesday, when we talk about an issue that is going on around us; something in the news. Like Wednesday’s blog about Safe Havens.  And Friday, Free Yo Mind, or tips or something fun or funny. For example, one of my Facebook friends, (Sharonja) had an article on her page about, Why it’s important for couples to have sex daily… OH MY, there just may be a cure for this adult acne after all! (lol)

I want this blog to be a friendship of supporters. Some of you know me personally and you know that an encounter with me will typically have you smiling.  I want you as a friend of the blog to feel like you have a unit of people who care and will listen to you if you just want to get some stuff off your chest. If you just had a life event, we want to celebrate you. If you have a loss, like one of the friends of the blog (Tanisha) I want you to know that we care and want to put a virtual arm around you to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I have known her, her whole life and her grandmother, my whole life. She was a sweet woman who will definitely be missed. Love you girl!! There’s another friend of the blog, (Augus) who is a new mom of twin girls (they are so ADORABLE!!!), she said that she’d like to connect with other moms of multiples.  I know at least two ladies who are moms of twins.  It’s ok to send her a shout out, if you are a mom of multiples.  That’s a special kinda mommy, cuz I can’t imagine having two of my little guy.  (Does anyone remember the Tasmanian devil from the cartoons? Well, welcome to my world. He destroys the house~ but he does it with a smile.)

I’m not by any means a counselor, but if you have something going on and you need an ear, or someone to pray with your or encourage you. And you don’t want to print it publicly.  You are welcome to email me at I will respond to your email.

Well, that’s about it for today. I did want to give a tip. Maybe this can help someone over the weekend.  A few weeks ago, the boys and I were doing an experiment.  I discovered that baking soda and vinegar can unclog and slow draining sink.  Just put about a teaspoon of baking soda down the drain, then pour in about a 1/2 cup or so of vinegar. Run some water and botta bing botta boom! The water is going down the drain.  Add more vinegar if it’s still draining slowly.  It works! This helps for those of us who don’t want the smell of harsh chemicals from some of the stuff that we buy over the counter.

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!! My husband and I have a date on Saturday night. Whoppee! I’m excited to put on my sexy heels. I’m gonna end the post now… gotta go take care of my toenails. You know you can’t wear sexy shoes with jacked up toes! (lol) Talk to you next week.


5 thoughts on “THE FORMAT

  1. Thanks to everyone that has been praying for me. It’s still an adjustment of trying to live life without my Grandma Tiny, but I know she’s in a better place. Angela, it was a pleasure growing up with your parents as neighbors. I still remember you used to babysit me and Nicole lol. Good times!!!!


    • Tanisha,

      Yep, good times. You guys were sweet kids. It still amazes me to see you as a mom. But, I see that you are doing a great job with your girls. I’m sure your grandma was proud of you. I definitely am!


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