littleguy Today’s blog will start with something very scary that happened to me when my oldest son was two years old.   We were in the Self Checkout at the grocery store.  He was standing by me as I rang up our groceries.  When I looked down to ask him something, he was gone!  I frantically looked around me. I noticed how close I was to the front door and did not know if he had wandered outside or if someone had taken his hand.  I  JUST  DIDN’T  KNOW. My calls to him went unanswered. The groceries needed to be bagged and other shoppers impatiently filled the line that I was in.  On lookers looked at me compassionately as beads of sweat cascaded, my world revolved in slow motion as my heart raced. I stood baffled not knowing where to begin looking.  For moments, that felt like an eternity, I had no idea where my baby was.  The truth of the matter is, I have no idea how he literally, reappeared.  I never saw what direction he came from or how he got in front of me. I just praise God that my child came back to me, safely!  Not  every parent has this fortunate ending. Many children of all ages remain missing.  Thousands of parents search for answers that never get resolved.  That day shook me into being more attentive.  It’s not that I wasn’t attentive before, but obviously, I needed to step it up.  And I have.

I’m bringing up my faux pas because I’m noticing people not paying enough attention to their kids while in public, especially in stores like Walmart (which is where I was last night). For example, the boys and I were going down an aisle in housewares, there was a brother and sister who were probably around 10 and 11 years old playing with a shopping cart.  I was alone with them, close enough for them to look at me directly in the eyes.  There was no visible adult.  In my opinion, no adult needs to be alone with your child while you are on another aisle. If you can’t look up and see them, then you are too far from your kids.  I have seen ladies holding on to their fellas, with their little person following behind. Do you have any idea how easy it is for someone to walk off with your child?

In our area on Channel 7 news, in the afternoon they feature children who have become missing.  Not that there should be a stereotype, but I usually think about young, non-black kids becoming missing.  I have to admit that I was taken aback to see the number of teenage African American males who are missing. The day that I caught this airing, there were so many teenagers of all races in this report, it was staggering.  It opened my eyes. I said to my husband, that I bet there is a trafficking ring somewhere that’s selling these kids.  If the powers that be, find this ring, I bet they will locate a lot of these kids.

Just weeks after seeing that on the news, I was watching Meredith Vieira. She had an interview with a man named, Tim Ballard who is part of a mission called, Operation Underground Railroad. I wasn’t able to find the Vieira interview for the blog, but I was able to find an interview with Tim Ballard on Glenn Beck.  I want to bring your attention to this subject because, it will really open your eyes.  On one of the links, he describes being able to buy a 4 year old boy for sex.  Apparently, there are MILLIONS of children in this industry and people who know where to buy them for sex.  You as  parents, teachers, aunties, and friends need to know that this exist.  I can’t say that I didn’t know that it existed, but when you hear it from someone who has seen it up close; you hear this man’s passion for wanting to emancipate these children whose innocence is being stolen… Something in your heart will change.  I know that it did in mind.  I encourage you to listen to the videos.  They are about 9 minutes long.  God forbid that you or someone that you know would be in this kind of situation, but if this does happen, this link list, the steps you need to follow if a child becomes missing. http://www.missingkids.com/MissingChild The links below are the interviews with Tim Ballard. Please make your self familiar with what his organization is doing. We as parents need to know about this and take it seriously! May our God protect our children. And may we be awakened to keep our kids safe! WAKE UP- THE KIDS NEED US!




4 thoughts on “WAKE UP- THE KIDS NEED US!

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing. Most of us have heard about the trafficking of children in poor, developing nations but when it comes to the US, it seems nearly impossible in our minds (for example, when I see those missing children posters, I think “that poor child may have been killed.” I do NOT think “that poor child may be someone’s sex slave.”). It’s just not something that’s talked about much in mainstream media. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront of our minds. Thanks for the wake up call!


    • Hi Zoe!

      You are right. When I see missing the posters, I don’t think there goes someone’s sex slave. The thing that is so sad about it, is that we as a society don’t even really look at the missing persons pics. I think that we have become desensitize because we’ve seen this for years. We have the luxury of turning the tv off or throwing the pictures away because its not personal, but to someone, this is their daily agony. I know that doing the blog doesn’t solve their issue, but I think its something that we need to wake up and take note that this may be happening right under our noses.

      Thanks for your response!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing . We have all heard about trafficking in other countries . Recently I heard the statistics of sex-trafficking right in the United States. The scary thing is the numbers are increasing, partially due to the Internet where predators can go to private groups and essentially bid in auctions. As a parent , this is my worst nightmare. I , too, have seen many parents simply not pay any attention to their children in public places . On numerous occassions, I had to find the parents of a crying, frightened child


    • Hi Ty, it’s my worst nightmare too. My boys oldest son is a very friendly kid. I guess its in his blood because that’s how I am. But, I’m an adult. I don’t want him to be afraid of people. But, I find myself cautioning him that not all adults are nice.

      I hope that we can come up with a resolve for this issue soon.

      Thanks for your response!



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