The VA JAY JAY Monoblog

VJJ Hello Friends of the Blog!  Happy Friday Whoo Hoo!! The last few post have been a little on the serious side. So, I was looking forward to today’s post. Today’s topic has been referred to by many names, the cooch, the cookie, down there, flower, honey pot,  lady parts, privates, the purse, the puss, the wee wee,  the who ha. Yep you guessed it… we’re talking about the VAGINA! Most of us reading the blog have one. No one got here without one.

Can you believe that there are at least 29 things that you may not know about your “Good Friend from Down Under”? The attached article is called, 29 Things that Everyone With a Vagina Should Know. (By the way, the article is in no way vulgar or lewd, it’s informative.) I saw this article on my gynecologist’s FB page last week.  I  thought the article was enlightening and worth sharing with you, my Friends of the Blog.

To my guys who are also on the blog blast list, I hope that you enjoy the article. Guess what, there are pictures.  (actually someone’s art work and he put captions.)

I hope that after reading the article, you feel closer to your “Lady Garden”:o) and perhaps someone will “water your soil” this weekend 🙂

Until next week- make it a GREAT one!


2 thoughts on “The VA JAY JAY Monoblog

  1. Favorite quote: “No one got here without one.” lol
    Thank you for this information. “She” is, after all, my closest friend and her health is paramount to my happiness. 🙂


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