HAPPY FRIDAY Friends of the Blog!!! 🙂 Today is a special day because we have a guess blogger.  One of my BFFs from back in the day, Valerie Williamson, has graciously agreed to share her blog with us today. Valerie is a wife and mom.  She is the author of the blog, Spare Me No Details.  Do yourself a favor, and read some of her blogs.  She’s an excellent writer and her blogs typically make me smile or shake my head, in agreement.  Valerie loves to write and is a self proclaimed, Punctuation Geek.  Personally, I like Punctuation Princess 🙂  I will put a plug in for her skills, if you are blogging, working or writing a paper and you have a question regarding punctuation, or need a proofreader. (we all do from time to time) Shoot her an email at: Tell her that you are one of Angela’s Friends of the Blog.  She may be able to help you out. (She’ll work out fee details if there are any.) Ok Friends, please enjoy the featured blog of the day, Carrot Parenting.

Carrot Parenting

carrotMost times I feel I’ve done a relatively good job parenting, but then comes those moments of self-doubt when I question where I could have gone wrong and what I could have done differently. I mean, my children are always polite, well-mannered, respectful…and if I dangle the right carrot, they can add honor roll student to their credentials. But, it’s that last point that continues to nag me. If I dangle the right carrot. Why should I have to dangle anything to get you to strive towards excellence? What ever happened to having a little bit of self-motivation and initiative? Listen, I get that they are children, (to continue reading please follow link at,

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