Hi Friends of the Blog. A few months ago, I started writing a poem about how so many of our young black males are being slaughtered by white officers, who get a way with murder basically. In the unfortunate case of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was killed recently, the officer was not indicted of his crime against Michael Brown and just like all the other cases, found some way to say he was justified in killing the teenager. Just tonight on the news, I learned the boy supposedly punched the officer in the face. Do you think that just maybe he was scared for his life? After all, he obviously had reason to be scared literally to death.

Justifiable Homicide… When will it end?

It makes me think about a conversation with my friend who did the blog on Friday, Valerie. She has teenage boys. She was telling me how she has had conversations to prep them in the event that they are ever stopped by  police. I can only hope and pray that my own boys are protected from those whose job is to Protect and Serve.

After hearing the verdict last night, it prompted me to finish the poem. There is an audio recording of me reading my poem entitled, Protect and Serve. Its dedicated to the town of Ferguson and any other town that is feeling the sting of violence against its citizens whose crime is having Black skin.

I know that there are many races of people who read this blog. I’m thankful for that. It’s not my intent to make anyone feel bad or uncomfortable. But this is an uncomfortable time to be an African American and see blatant injustice to people who look like you. There’s supposed to be a justice system that we should be able to rely on to do the right thing, but instead it rears its head back and spits in our faces repeatedly! Its enough to make you sad… to scream… to be violent; though violence won’t solve one problem. It’s a helpless situation because you don’t know what to do or whose next. Will it be your friends, your kids, your spouse that some officer thinks is walking in a threatening way then justifies a reason to shoot them?

My heart hurts for these parents because the officers do all that they can to discredit these young people as violent thugs and trash that they were completely justified in ridding the world of in the name of justice! I can see if the kids were actually armed or doing a crime, but they were just walking; trying to get home.

We have the luxury of turning the tv off when we get tired of hearing about this. But, these parents and towns have to live with their heart being unjustifiably shattered. One of their own was stolen and the person who did it, is on paid leave. A Paid VACATION until the smoke settles!

Rest In Peace to all of you and may God give your parents peace and purpose in the days ahead.

Please use the link below to hear my spoken word poem: Protect and Serve


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