Happy-Black-GirlHello Friends of the Blog, I hope that all is well with you. I know that it’s been awhile since my last blog. Hopefully, I’ll get my blogger’s mojo back soon.  I wanted to chime in today because it’s My Birthday. (YEAH!) I decided to take a moment to finish a blog that I started on Saturday, 2/15/15.

So, here goes:

About 30 ladies who are a part of a mommy group that I’m a part of  and I have decided to do a version of The Biggest Loser. (Shout out Mama Sisterhood of PG County) Today is day #4. Of a 71 day challenge that is over on April 30. We sent our weigh in number and paid a small entry fee on 2/18.  To have a little motivation, the lady who loses the most weight gets 80% of the entry fee pot and the 2nd place wins the other 20%.  Many of us our still carrying baby weight, so this is a good chance to have encouragement from each other to lose our “butts and guts”. And hopefully, get that Sexy back by the summer – We’ll see.

As of Friday, I’ve lost 3lbs! Yeah 🙂 I know the first 5lbs are usually water. But I’m happy that some of the water weight is gone. I hope 27 more pounds of its friends will do the same.

Today was a snow day here in MD. It really could have turned into a lazy day. But with my two boys being home and the husband at work, the chances of just chillin’ was a little slim.

After we had our homemade banana nut waffles,  I noticed that the boys were moving around a lot. (Perhaps it was a syrup sugar rush… not sure.) I decided to take my queue for the day from them, so after breakfast, I put on Jessica Smith’s, Zumba Dance Party ( That was more for me.  They weren’t really interested, but they danced a little. Then, Kids Fit Factory for them, they like that one a lot because they get to exercise and see the animals. Then back to me, I chose, Jessica Smith’s kickboxing 101 and then I found Kids Dance music. (all of these were free on youtube)  They had a blast with this. Before I knew it, it was 3:30, we had lunch, they watched a movie and then, I let them go out and play in the snow for about a 1/2 hour. They came in had warm chicken soup and then a bath. My little guy fell asleep as soon as his head hit the bed :o) and the other one was not far behind.

I noticed that I had a lot of energy, even after I finally got them settled in, I still felt charged.  So, there’s something to getting up and moving right after eating or even while feeling sluggish. You ever notice with little ones, the only time they really just lay around is if they don’t feel well?  Then after that you are telling them to sit down 50 times an hour. To be honest, I enjoyed the day of having the energy of a child. I even felt charged enough to move their bedroom furniture before they went to bed! I had to make myself sit down and unwind for the night. I learned a key… K.I.M: Keep It Moving!

As I continue with this Biggest Loser competition with the other moms, I plan to keep it moving. I want to implement things that I enjoy doing first of all and eat what I know I can maintain.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Today is 2/26. I’ve lost 5lbs.  I’m happy about that. My goal is 30lbs at the end of the competition on 4/30.  Wish me Luck!

#onmywaybacktosexy, #singlechinsarein,  #nomoreliftingthebellytoseethetreasures   (lol!)




BrothersToday, I want to talk about my little guys. (the boys in the picture are not my guys.) It’s amazing how much they are growing. They cause me to smile about something everyday.  Here are a few of their antics that may make you smile too. Jay, the 4 year old told me the other day, “Mom, do you want me to turn the tv on? Well, I’m a bit of an expert at that.” Really, an expert? I responded, chuckling.

There’s a commercial that features the song, “Shake Your Grove Thing”. Jay’s version, that he proudly sings, “Shake your bootay, shake your bootay, yeah, yeah! Shakin’ my booty now! My husband and I shake our heads… what do you do? 🙂

My other little guy, Ev is 18 months old. It’s amazing how much he has grown in a year. He has so much personality. When he wants us to give him a treat, he walks towards us and sings, “The Alphabet” under his breath. I have no idea why. But the baby performs for food. (lol) One morning he cracked me up. I went into his room and gave him a gummy bear vitamin.  Then I heard what sounded like something falling. (Yes, he created a diversion, he does this often so he can scope out the place for food and treats.)  So, I went to see what was going on. He ran out of the room, into the kitchen and got the gummy bear vitamin jar off of the counter.  The top was loose because I rushed off to see what mayhem he had just gotten into. When I came back into the living room area, Ev had his hand stuck in the gummy vitamin jar. When he saw me he was trying to run because he was caught red handed. He was torn between getting that gummy bear and getting in trouble with mommy. He finally got his hand free and one gummy bear fell onto the floor. We both went to pick it up, he looked at me with a pleading look in his eyes. I let him have it. Go ahead Ev, you earned that one. You ever have those times, when you are trying not to laugh at your kids because you don’t want to encourage certain behavior, but what they did was clearly funny. This was definitely one of those times.

It’s good to see the boys playing together. I remember when I was pregnant and I told Jay that he was going to have a brother to play with, he was so excited. Ev is finally big enough to play with. They get into everything not bolted down. My living room often times looks like a hurricane just hit. One Saturday afternoon, they decided that my bra was the item of choice to play tug of war with. My husband seemed to think it was funny. They made it all the way down the hall and into the living room before I realized what they were having so much fun with my BRA! When I snatched it from them, they looked like they had no idea what the problem was.

Sometimes, it can be a little challenging being the only female in a house full of testosterone!

They definitely keep me on my feet. My joyful little Jay is preparing for Kindergarten. The thought of public school worries me. When he came home the other day, he told me that a kid in his class was shaking and yelling at him and it made him cry.  I wondered where his teacher was. That little talk with him made me begin to worry. And ask the question which I will pose to you, Friends of the Blog, what do you (or did you) tell your kids about defending themselves?  I know the first thing that many will say is, ‘tell the teacher’. But what if it’s a case like he experienced where there’s some type of altercation, where a child actively has their hands on them, and the teacher is not paying attention? Does he just stand there? Does he warn then swing? Does he break free and run? What’s your advice?

I told him to warn twice and then swing.  I’m torn with what I told him because, he doesn’t know anything about fighting. We don’t fight. He’s never even seen a fight (as far as I know). He and his brother tap each other from time to time. But, nothing that would give him the ability to hold his own if someone really wanted to throw down.

When I was in school, I didn’t have any problems with other kids trying to fight me. I was good at doing the dozens (jokes), so if someone wanted to have a verbal spar, I was typically up for it. But, today’s kids are different. What they are exposed to as normal is different. I’m struggling with making sure he’s equipped.  Any thoughts?

I really do want to hear from you. What did you do or are preparing to do to prepare your little joy for the days ahead?