My husband encouraged me to start blogging again.  You should write… put your poems out. He kept saying.  So… though it’s been a long while.  I decided that maybe I will release a poem.  I’m not sure if I will do it weekly or even if I will begin to create new poetry.  Everything is over ten years old, just sitting in a box.  So, maybe it is a good idea to at least let someone read it.  I may record a few so that you can hear how they are supposed to flow.  If it’s easy, then I will likely post it on my Facebook page and let you know.

Please let me know if you like the post or if you have any thoughts.  A little feedback goes a long way.  Here’s the first poem.  It’s called, Winter.



I was looking out of the window one day at the bare trees and the snow covered ground.  Life seemed still.  The sun was hidden behind the clouds.  I sighed and thought, I’m so cold.  Then I heard a voice that came immediately after that thought, “Then let me hold you.”  Startled, I turned around and he said again, “I’ll hold you.  Give me your hand.”  I asked, “Who are you?”  He replied, “Death”.  Of course I gasped and told him to leave.

He continued to seduce me into believing that he should stay.  The sound of his words played as mystical music in my mind.  He intrigued me to dance with him. He wanted to hold me close.  He promised  that  I’d never have to feel coldness clinging to me as an overcoat.  His coaxing words were constant.  “Allow me into your heart.  Come nestle into my arms and I promise to take all of your pain away.”

Tired from our tango, I sat down on the bed.  He told me to look around at all the nothing that I had and to think about all he was willing to give me.

Just as I was about to say ok, I felt my heart beating.  I realized there was still hope.

I reached for the Bible on my nightstand.  I remembered that it was the Bread of Life.  I opened it and I ate of it a teaspoon at a time until my strength was renewed.

I read how God’s rod and staff would comfort me.  How God promised that lo, He would be with me always. And as bad as I was feeling, that was a pretty good place to start.

Then I saw that I was created as a tree for the display of His splendor.  I stood up as a tree stretching toward Heaven.  I began to feel warm as I opened my eyes.  The sun had wrapped its ray like arms around me.  My tears glistened as diamonds cascading down my cheek as I felt my Father’s love penetrating me; resuscitating me back to life.
I declared to my soul, It’s winter, but I shall live and not die.

-Angela B. Alexander





    • You will get through this Monica. You are such a blessing to so many. I’m looking forward to the testimony… its coming. We need to plan a lunch or something soon.


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