THE UNUSUAL- This may hurt but it’s bigger than you.

7.20me.4 I have started a Periscope page called The Perspective.  On it, I will be giving my perspective on various subjects.  I hope that you will chime in.  Today’s link is the 2nd of my post from the angle of Expecting the Unusual.  This thought  came as I was driving home from work on Saturday.  I started praying about something, then I got this feeling inside to read Matthew 14 when Peter walked on the water.  From this, came the thought,  what would you ask, think or do if the answer was yes?

Since that time, I have heard a few people speaking about the subject of Expecting the Unusual.  Ryan Lestrange has a 30 day devotional for the month of July on and people speaking about different aspects around the subject on his Facebook page.

Please feel free to click on the link.  My hope is to continue posting about different perspectives as it relates to hope, family and life.

All the best!




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