Bio: I am a Christian first and foremost. You will find that most of my post are geared around my faith. I can't leave it out because, it's such an intricate part of who I am. I'm also a stay at home wife and mom of two boys ages are 4 and 16 months (as of today's date, 10/26/14). I write poetry on occasion, so... you may see a piece from time to time. I (for the most part) enjoy life. There are some things about being wife and motherhood that get me shaking my head. I'm looking forward to sharing those things with you. Hopefully, you will feel compelled to share back. After all, this is 4 Us Mama. BTW- When I refer to Mama, I'm not just speaking of those who have had a little one yell, "Geronimo" from our personal vaginal chutes. But also those friends, sisters, aunties, moms and grandmas who have been there to lend a hand in some capacity in the life of a family or child; someone who may have provided a shoulder or a hand to hold in times of need. We don't always get to take a break or even get a "proper thank you". Sometimes, our thank you comes from toothless grins; wet kisses and the breathe on the neck from a sleeping child. This one is 4 Us Mama... I'm looking forward to sharing my life with you. Hopefully, you will share your life too. Talk with you soon! -Angela

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