Safe Havens

babyThis blog is probably the most important blog that I have written thus far.   It’s important because your help is needed.  Please don’t just read this one and not give some type of response.  Your help is being requested and is necessary.  

As you may remember, a few weeks ago, I did a blog about Safe Havens.  A Safe Haven is a place where a mother or a responsible adult may bring a newborn if the mother feels that she is unable to care for it. She can hand the baby to a person at the facility. They will accept the baby without asking any questions and mother will not face abandonment charges when she does this. Safe Havens vary depending upon your state. But they are typically, hospitals, fire and/or police stations. To get a better understanding, here is an excerpt from Safe Haven Organization, AMT Children of Hope’s webpage:

When a woman in need of help with a crisis pregnancy contacts our nationwide hotline, we find out whether she wishes to make a parenting plan, an adoption plan or, as a last resort, a safe and anonymous relinquishment as outlined by the safe haven law in her state. If she wishes to parent her newborn but, for example, is frightened to reveal the pregnancy to her family or is in a domestic violence situation, we connect her with appropriate social services, offer counseling and support, and assist her in preparing for her transition to parenthood. We also often work with birthmothers families to ensure a stable support system for birth mothers and their babies.

Last Monday, I received a phone call from Timothy Jaccard, he is known as “The Father of Safe Haven”.  He is one of the founders of Safe Havens.  We spoke briefly about my desire to get the word out about Safe Havens.  He told me that they saved over 700 babies last year! That’s wonderful. I mentioned to him that though this is great.  Not enough people even know that they exist.  I’ve never even seen a Safe Haven commercial.

We’ve been hearing about babies being left on the side of the road. Recently, one was found crying in a storm drain by some bikers. I believe in many cases, the woman doesn’t know what to do. I asked my 19 year old baby sitter if she had even heard of a Safe Haven, she had not.   As a young person, if she doesn’t know about this, then what advice could she offer a friend who was in a desperate situation.  I believe this has to change.

Scott Cohen, one of the directors at AMT Children of Hope (that’s the name of Timothy Jaccard’s organization) said that they don’t have commercial advertising due to the following:

We receive “ZERO” tax dollars and are a 100% volunteer organization as well as a 501c3 Not for Profit. We rely heavily on financial donations and most of our collections go to help pay for care and medical bills of the birth mothers in our programs as well as roadway, Hospital and other signage. I hope you can see where most of our budget goes with very little left over for commercials.

People do advertising and are on the news for just about anything.  I know that you don’t have to pay to be on the news. But, I don’t know how to get them the attention that they are due.  If you know how they can get their word out through the media or through advertising could you let  them know? Their Business Office phone number is 516-781-3511 or by web    Mr. Jaccard will also receive a link to this blog.  When you contact the organization, you can let them know that you are one of the Friends of Angela Alexander’s blog and that you want to help.

Mr. Jaccard offered to send me some posters and awareness information.  The posters are like the domestic violence posters, that you would find in places like doctor’s office or a changing room. I’m asking anyone who has the ability to put a poster in a restroom, changing room, locker room etc.; any place where a woman or a girl may see it, to please put one up.   This one simple act could literally save the life of a newborn.  In the bible, Hosea 4:6 says that we perish for a lack of knowledge.   This organization gives statewide knowledge to women so that these newborn babies don’t have to perish.

If you are willing to put up a poster, please contact me at, Angela at The next time I’m in contact with Timothy Jaccard, I would like to convey to him that there are people who believe in what Safe Havens are doing and are willing to help the cause.

Many of us give end of the year contributions.  I’m asking anyone who is able to send a donation even if it’s a dollar all the way up to as many “zeros and commas” that you can spare, to please help AMT Children of Hope.  I’m asking this because they help save lives of newborns.  In my opinion, that’s pretty important. Don’t you agree?

Please see the link below for frequently asked questions about Safe Havens. Please read it and also please respond with how you can help.

Thanks you in advance, please let me hear from you soon!

As always, I kindly welcome your opinions and responses even if they differ from mine.  After all, you are Friends of the Blog.


2 thoughts on “Safe Havens

    • Hi Capermom! Yes, this is a wonderful idea. I have decided to make more people aware of the fact that Safe Havens exist. Each state has its own laws regarding how an infant is accepted. Here is a link to the National Safe Haven Alliance. Look up your state and it will show you what are acceptable places in your state.

      Please spread the word if you can.


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