I am the proud mother of two boys, ages 4 and 16 months old.  Though they look similar, they are as different as night and day. Even my pregnancies were different. (I will share that experience on another blog.)  I had my first baby at age 39 and my little guy at 42.  Some had the opinion that maybe I was too mature (OLD) to have a baby. Though they are entitled to their opinions; this is when God designed motherhood for me. And I thank him for it.  I count it a privilege and an honor to be their mom.  My guys are happy little fellas, for the most part. Their primary needs are pretty basic. They need our love, our attention, and our time. My husband and I do our best to provide that and more.

But not everyone shares our joy about being parents. Just today, I heard about a one month old baby who was beat to death. We’ve heard about babies being left in toilets and trash cans and the unfortunate list goes on and on. With no real answer to why? Maybe it’s because people who feel helpless, don’t know that there is hope out there.

Today, I want to bring light to an issue that has been dear to my heart for years.  It’s the subject of Safe Havens. Not the movie that came out recently.  A Safe Haven is a place were an unharmed infant may be safely dropped off without judgment or fear of incarceration if the mother feels that she is not able to care for it.
I believe that if more women and girls knew that Safe Havens existed, then maybe they would opt to drop the baby off instead of doing something out of desperation to an innocent baby.
There are so many people who want a baby but for whatever reason, are not able to birth one on their own. I remember how heart broken I was when we lost our babies. (I have had 2 miscarriages) So many people would gladly give anything to be a parent.
Why not give the baby and a family a chance… an opportunity to love and to be loved. Take the baby to a Safe Haven like a hospital or police station.
When you get the opportunity, please check out this link and the one that is below. It’s from the National Safe Haven Alliance’s website.  It gives the details about the organization. There’s a map that shows state approved Safe Havens locations and what the Safe Haven Laws are in your state.
If you know someone that this information may be an asset to, please forward it to her. Or inform her that she doesn’t need to hide or destroy this precious life. Her life is not over!  Encourage her to love the baby enough to allow it to get the love that she is not able to give. Regardless of how the baby was conceived, the baby is innocent and deserves a chance to live and experience love.
To my readers: If it’s not too much trouble, would you share this blog on your Facebook or where ever you are able to share.  Let’s get the word out about Safe Havens. Your doing this could actually Save a Life.

3 thoughts on “SAVE A LIFE

  1. Thanks Angela for sharing this and spreading the word. Knowledge is definitely power and this topic is something that you don’t hear about enough. My thoughts are that young mothers also need a place to go even after they’ve made the decision to drop the child off. They need love, compassion, and help in dealing with the heartache of leaving the child, but with the emptiness they may begin to feel as well and how to express and channel the negativity to something positive. Again, just my thoughts.


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